About The Oddfellow…

The Oddfellow concept — a central publisher of local content — was born out of a desire for more insights, perspectives, news, and everyday stories from Batesville.

There is a little of this, a little of that, and everything in between — just like our community itself.

The Oddfellow is essentially a Batesville writers’ community made up of opinion columnists, experienced journalists, lifestyle bloggers, and historian storytellers. But writing’s not all we do. Coming soon to the site are podcasts, videos, and photo galleries. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with these developments!

About our name

In the early 1800’s, as Batesville was first founded and began to grow, a society called the Independent Order of Odd Fellows was formed to serve the many needs in the community. Over the years the motley group of everyday working folks who cared about their community performed many charitable acts, such as taking care of the poor, providing homes for widows, and the construction of a beautiful large orphanage. (The structure sat on the hillside in West Side where an elementary is now located; the original home was tragically destroyed).

While The Oddfellow is not affiliated with the I.O.O.F, the name “oddfellow” was picked as an homage to this inspiring piece of local history that is so much like Batesville today: people taking pride in their community, taking care of their neighbors, and serving those in need.

That’s the spirit of Batesville and the story we want to tell here on The Oddfellow.

Writers wanted…

If you are a writer (or a photographer, or a videographer, or a podcaster), we’d like to find a spot for you here.

Email OFBatesville@gmail.com to inquire.

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