Dinner with Georgeanne: ‘Pinkalicious’ Pasta

Does anyone else live in a household where people want to eat dinner every. single. night?! On my best days, creating a family meal is inspiring, and even an artistic expression. But on my worst days, it’s a chore void of any excitement or creativity.

On one of the latter aforementioned afternoons, my six-year-old wandered into the pantry and was ecstatic to find “pink” noodles. She asked if we could eat those for dinner, and since I had no better plan, I was grateful to have a starting point.

I had turkey meat in the fridge and found a jar of Bertolli vodka pasta sauce. After browning the meat and simmering in the sauce, I added the cooked noodles. The result? A “pink” pasta  (yes, technically it’s more red/orange, but don’t ruin this for us!) that my daughter dubbed “Pinkalicious Pasta.”


The bonus, and don’t give up on me, is that the pink noodles are actually made from lentils. So they’re chock-full of protein, and even have fiber. They do not taste earthy or even any different than other noodles to us. Trust me. Try them.



1 10 oz pkg Lensi Red Lentil Fusilli

1 32 oz jar vodka sauce

1 lb ground turkey

Brown turkey. Drain, and add vodka sauce. While that simmers, boil noodles according to package directions. Combine and serve!

My girls love it topped with mozzarella, and you can can’t go wrong topping with fresh basil.

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