Local wellness blogger Brandi Moody on running in the cold: Don’t stop

By Brandi Moody of Blonde Coffee Mom

Disclaimer: Some links in this post contain affiliate links.

When cold weather hits, it is hard to get motivated to get out and run. Fall and Spring make it easy with the sunny, cool days, but once that cold weather comes, runners find it hard to get out.

Here are 7 tips to keep you running during the winter:


Watch the Weather — This seems like an obvious choice, but the number of people who do not watch the weather would surprise you. At the beginning of each week, look to see which days have the best running temperatures, plan to run on those days, and stick to it. It is good to go into each week with a plan.


Have the right cold gear — Nothing makes a run more terrible than not having the right clothes. The must-have items for a cold run are a beanie or ear warmers, gloves, a long-sleeved top, leggings and/or shorts, and a jacket. For more detailed options, click here.

Leggings and a jacket can make a cold run feel perfect. Tip for the women: if you have medium-length hair, wear it down beneath your hat or beanie. It acts as a barrier/scarf to the wind.


Put a small heater by your bed — No one wants to get out of bed on a cold morning. Keep a small heater next to your bed. This will keep the space below your bed, where your feet and legs first hit, warm. If you would rather, keep warm while you change by placing the heater there.


Warm up before you head outdoors — Do a dynamic warm-up, indoors, before you head out for your run. This gets your blood flowing, which in turn warms up your body temperature. It will help ease that harsh feeling of cold when you first step outside. See below for a good, quick, dynamic warm-up.

This routine was put together with the help of Dylan Carpenter, MD, FAAOS and Josh McIntosh, APRN of the White River Medical Center Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Clinic.


Bring a friend — This might be thrown around a lot in the running world, but it is so true. There is nothing more motivating than accountability. Some of the best runs happen when you are with someone. You forget you are running and enjoy just being outside.


Enjoy the bragging rights of being a winter warrior — You know it feels good to say, “Yep, I just finished a run in near-freezing temps!” You did it, so you get to brag about it!


Set a spring schedule — Write down a goal for the spring. Whether it is a pace goal or race goal, write it down. This will help you get out the door or onto the treadmill. Because: you know as well as I do…you will not hit your goals without working at it.

Don’t let the winter temperatures bring you down. The best run happens when you least expect it. You may think running in the winter is too hard, but don’t write it off so fast! The air is fresh and clean, so get out, breathe the cool air, and run. You may just have the best run of your life!

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