Local studio offers yoga instructor certification course

Locals will soon have the opportunity to become certified yoga instructors, thanks to an upcoming 200-hour course offered by Yoga7, a Batesville studio.

The course is the first of its kind in Batesville, with training sessions beginning in February. It requires one weekend per month for eight months to achieve certification, and will feature master teachers.

All graduates will receive Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT®s) status from the Yoga Alliance.

“There are certain guidelines Yoga Alliance has if you want to be certified through them, and it’s really the best certification because then you can go anywhere in the world and teach — their certification is accepted everywhere,” Roman Plaks, owner of Yoga7, said.

February is coming up. Has there been any interest?

“I thought if we just got five or six people interested, I’d be happy as can be,” he said, and so far there have been 19 potential yoga students reach out.

Of those enrolled, interestingly, the majority are motivated to learn for purposes other than just to teach, Plaks said.

“There are so many different reasons. Yes, I have a couple that do want to teach, but there are other uses [for the certification],” he said.

Some examples: One enrollee works at a high school and hopes to incorporate the knowledge into the physical education curriculum. Another is a physician who wants to use it to help patients. And yet another is a retiree who wants the training to assist with a fitness group.

“And a lot of the people who have gone through yoga teacher training, it’s just for themselves,” said Jordan Tavernor, one of the studio’s instructors. “They may have no intention of teaching or even bringing it into their vocation. They just learn a lot about their own bodies and work on that mind-body connection. So it can be a personal thing instead of a professional investment.”

Enrolling in the course has no prerequisite for any yoga experience, and Tavernor says that’s a good thing.

“It’s actually cool when you get [students with no experience] in the teacher training because if you have everyone in the room that’s super bendy and super advanced in their practice, then sometimes you forget how to teach the basics and the fundamentals from the beginning,” Tavernor said. “It’s better when you have more diversity and people of different backgrounds.”

Throughout the course of the eight months, students will have hands-on classes, four required course resources, teaching practice, and more.

Why does it take eight months?

“It should take a long time,” Plaks said of the length of the class. Breaking it out into one weekend every month makes it more feasible for people, and also allows students time to absorb the material.

“These folks will be able to teach and lead a group, and they’ll be able to compose their sequences properly,” he said. “That’s the important part — in what order do poses go and why.”

More about Yoga7

Yoga7 recently opened as the first full-service yoga studio in Batesville, and offers 44 classes per week, most taught by the owner himself, to fit various schedules and abilities.

Besides traditional classes, the studio hosts special events like Yoga in the Park, Wine & Yoga, and has even conducted sports yoga to help area athletes including football players, wrestlers, and baseball players with balance and flexibility.

Newly added is Office Yoga.

“I do a 30-minute no-mat yoga class where I’ll go to the business and work with their employees,” Tavernor explained.

“It’s just 30 minutes, you can wear regular clothes. You don’t have to have a mat or anything, and everybody feels super good the rest of the day.”

Upcoming specialty workshops include a knee and shoulder workshop on January 26, and two others in February addressing hip and thoracic spine issues.

To learn more about how to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) without having to leave Independence County, click here. Or email Roman at roman.yoga7@gmail.com.

To see a quick overview of Yoga7’s prices, click here.

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