The mission of The Oddfellow is to provide a reliable hub of community information, insights, and stories from organizations and writers in the Batesville and outlying areas.

The Oddfellow is a democratic effort, in that we have no paid staff. We rely on the community, and on local writers and creators, to collectively tell Batesville’s story.

We collect and curate content based on that which:

Fosters community

Gives deserving, hardworking organizations and businesses the attention they deserve

Elevates worthwhile and timely ideas and conversations

Highlights our unique local people, culture, and places

Inspires appreciation for our hometown and the small-town lifestyle it offers


We believe Batesville is a great place to live.

We believe in the importance of local businesses to everyone’s well-being, and we support local entrepreneurs and their dreams.

We believe our neighbors are a valuable source of support, and that we should be that support for them, too.

We believe our community’s challenges can be solved by coming together with hope and determination.

We believe there is a lot of good happening around us and these stories deserve to be published. And we believe local Batesville people are the best equipped for the task.

Batesville is our story to tell.

The Oddfellow invites participation.